Terms and conditions

By confirming your reservation through this website or via other online travel agencies you agree to the following terms and conditions. Any dispute concerning these general terms and conditions will be submitted to the competent court in accordance with the provisions of the Judicial Code.


We are located near the city centre and are somewhat limited in the number of parking spaces. 1 parking space per bungalow is included. An extra place can be requested for 8 euro per day. This is only when available and depends on the occupancy at that time. On arrival you will receive a parking ticket for behind the windscreen of your car. Is your car parked here without our permission? Then it can be towed away at your own expense. So make sure you have this parking ticket behind the window and always ask at the reception ;)


  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the bungalow. This is possible on the outside terrace.



  • Dogs are allowed on request (subject to a supplement). This should always be approved at least the day before arrival. We provide a blanket on the sofa and ask that the dog does not sit on other parts of the sofa or beds. If this is the case and there is extra cleaning work, this can be charged.


Cleaning and waste

  • It is your vacation, so we clean the bungalows!
  • However, you must do the dishes and put the waste in the containers. If upon departure it appears that you did not do the dishes, we will charge 30 euros. If it appears that you did not remove your waste, we will charge 50 euros.
  • If we find excrement, urine and/or puke in a place that is not the toilet, we will charge at least 100 euros extra. We understand that this sounds strange and is a bit harsh, but we unfortunately have experienced this in the past and we want to protect ourselves from it. It goes without saying you don’t have to worry with normal use.


  • There is a pleasant atmosphere at Holiday Village Knokke, and we like to keep it that way. Motorized traffic is not allowed on the domain between 22.00h and 7.00h.
  • We also ask you to respect the night’s rest of all guests after 22.00h. If a nuisance of any kind is determined, this may be a reason to end your stay early. The cancellation conditions will be in effect (see article 2).

Maximum capacity

  • Bungalow M: maximum 2 adults (+ 1 baby/child)
  • Bungalow L: maximum 4 adults or maximum 2 adults and 3 small children (-12 years old)
  • Bungalow L4: maximum 4 persons
  • Bungalow XL: maximum 5 adults and 1 child
  • If we notice that this condition is being violated, we can deny you access to the bungalow. The cancellation conditions will be in effect (see article 2)

Damage and/or theft of rented goods

  • If the guest rents or uses goods during his stay, the guest is responsible for all damages, of whatever nature. Holiday Village Knokke does not offer any damage and/or theft insurance.
  • The rental bicycles have a retail value of 580 euros. This is also the amount to be paid in the event of a complete defect, loss or theft. In the event of a partial defect, we will charge the net repair costs. It goes without saying we do not charge for wear during normal use.


  • Our bungalows look great and we would like to keep it that way for you and the guests after you. If damage is detected (broken or stolen objects) after departure, we will charge this. With normal use there is of course no reason for you to worry.

Arrival and departure


  • Check-in is possible from 15.00h unitl 22.00h. If you arrive outside of opening hours of the reception desk, there will be an envelope on the window of the reception desk with the keys and some information inside.
  • On the day of departure you must leave the bungalow at 11.00h at the latest. If you plan to leave earlier than 8.30h, please report this to the reception the day before departure.

Camper and tent pitches:

  • Check-in is possible from 13.00h.
  • You must leave the camper and tent pitch by 13.00h at the latest.